Monday 15th July
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Sofiane Pamart

Sofiane Pamart à Jazz à Juan le 15 juillet

Sofiane Pamart is one of the top 10 most streamed classical music artists in the world in 2023. A regular on prestigious stages in France and abroad, Sofiane Pamart is the first pianist in history to perform in the legendary Accor Arena Bercy (sold out in its maximum capacity). A huge achievement, realised from the first solo tour of his career. His musical universe is halfway between great film music and adventure stories. His work, both dark and poetic, embodies an emotional accuracy that allows to reach a very wide audience; great work accessible to all.

Sofiane Pamart delivers NOCHE, the third album of his solo career, this third project will plunge you into the depths of the night. Always nomadic by nature, always attached to cherish the strong bond he has forged with his audience, Sofiane Pamart is back this time after an adventure of several months spent in America.

His message is positive and expresses profound recognition, his musical flavour is the continuation of what made Sofiane Pamart’s fame: a sweet melancholy, pieces balanced between being open to all while of a technical nature which is never spontaneous.
The album has an intimist, evening ambience. It recounts the adventures of a pianist explorer, a plunge within oneself, the boundless view from the roof of a building that brushes the sky, the immense red-orange sun of Southern Asia, the secrets of a seafaring captain on a mission, the great themes of cinematographic epics, shooting stars, the atmosphere of a worrying crime novel, the character of a human being both hypersensitive and mysterious, torments transformed into poetry, loneliness at last soothed by tenderness.
A love letter, intimate and full of talent, written from Asia and destined for those who enable him to live his most important dream: to become a major international artist, accompanying people’s day-to-day lives all over the world, bringing them intense emotions through his music.
Sofiane Pamart thanks his audience by offering them a work at once benevolent, spectacular and charged with strong emotions.

Sofiane Pamart à Jazz à Juan le 15 juillet

Golden Zone seats : €100
Category 1 : €85
Category 2 : €60
Category 3 : €45 / €23*

* The "youth" rate (not available online) is for under 18, students and holders of the LOL1625 card (proof must be shown), within the limit of seats available within the 3rd seating category.

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