Monday 15th July
Pinède Gould
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Erik Truffaz – Rollin’ & Clap!

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Erik Truffaz, Jazz à Juan le 15 juillet

How ‘bout another film? After Rollin’, here’s Truffaz again with Clap!, the second instalment in his cinema stories, repeating the miracle of substituting his own images for those conjured up by the original soundtracks. Or, as director Bruno Nuyten puts it: “Beyond the memories of the films that are mentioned, Erik Truffaz’s interpretation opens the imagination to other films that have never been made”. Nicely put.
To rewrite the script of our lives, Truffaz has assembled a troupe of born actors, starring the seismic Marcello Giuliani, with whom he has produced the album. These two have been partners in crime for so long that all they have to do to understand what they’re getting at is not look at each other. The double bass crackles, the pistons rattle, it sounds like the dialogue in a buddy movie in a
land of thrills. Then there’s Matthis Pascaud’s western guitar, Raphaël Chassin’s gangly drums, Alexis Anérille’s analogue leopard-skin keyboards – this new generation frolics freely in seemingly limitless playgrounds. If Truffaz directed films, he’d probably do it like Cassavetes or Pialat, to give all the roles the widest possible surface for improvisation. So that everyone can express what they’ve never even dared to admit to themselves.
In these film soundtracks, in this misappropriation of our scenes and sounds, Erik Truffaz finds that dreamlike state that precedes sleep and gives birth to tales. These are new films, weighed down neither by words nor images, and opening onto endless projections.

Erik Truffaz, Jazz à Juan le 15 juillet

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