Sunday 14th July
Pinède Gould
Evening offered by the City of Antibes, by Invitation **

Original Pinettes Brass Band

Original Pinettes Brass Band à Jazz à Juan

The Original Pinettes Brass Band, the only female Brass Band in the Universe, was formed by Mr. Jefferey Herbert in 1991. Each member grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana.
The Original Pinettes initially consisted in 16 members from St. Mary’s Academy High School, but ended up welcoming other female musicians from all over the city of New Orleans. The ladies gained more respect when they were crowned the winners of the 2013 Red Bull “Street Kings” brass band blowout competition when they beat three other male brass bands changing the name to Red Bull “Street QUEENS!”
The ladies have also performed with Arcade Fire and Katy Perry.
Today, the band is still on a journey of becoming the best in the business and to take over this male dominant industry. The Original Pinettes Brass Band dream is to travel worldwide and to show everyone that music definitely is a universal language!

Original Pinettes Brass Band à Jazz à Juan

How to obtain your invitations ?
- You are a customer of the 63rd Jazz à Juan Festival: please send us your order reference number by email
You can get 1 invitation per purchased ticket
- You are not customer of the 63rd Jazz à Juan, from  4th of June 2024, you will find the invitation form over the counter at our Tourist Offices or on our website (the document will be download here).

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