Sunday 14th July
Pinède Gould
Evening offered by the City of Antibes, by Invitation **

Li Xiaochuan

Li Xiaochuan at Jazz à Juan 2024

Li Xiaochuan was born into a musically talented family and learned how to play the trumpet as a child. In 1997, he started his professional music career by joining in the band of Chinese Armed Police Force in Beijing. In 2005 he graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music and had majored in classical trumpet. performance Xiaochuan Li was the first Asian musician to receive the Richard Dalrymple Memorial Jazz Trumpet Scholarship He earned his Master degree in Jazz Studies at Universityof North Texas in 2011 In the same year, he was named as a finalist in the jazz division of the United States National Trumpet
Competition Soon afterwards, Grammy Award winning jazz legend Eddie Gomez invited Xiaochuan Li to join his group for his tour in Asia He has also collaborated with world renowned jazz musicians such as Pat Metheny, Gast Waltzing, Billy Drummond, and more Xiaochuan Li’s creative expression and talent in jazz have made him one of the most sought after jazz trumpeters in China and around the world.

Li Xiaochuan at Jazz à Juan 2024

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