Friday 12th July
Pinède Gould
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Pink Martini

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Pink Martini à Jazz à Juan le 12 juillet

Pink Martini no longer need any introduction, especially since the phenomenal worldwide success of their album “Sympathique” featuring their hit song “Je ne veux pas travailler”, an ode to idleness
raised to an art form. For around thirty years, this leading Portland band has been touring all over the world, whispering into our ears the rococo-kitsch-Latin orchestral universe which it embraces.
Unclassifiable, timeless, singing in more than twenty languages, Pink Martini is a real juke-box of multicultural influences with retro, Latin and jazz sounds, and listeners never tire of their mambos, cha-chacha and other Technicolor® sambas.
Formed in 1994 with twelve musicians including pianist and artistic director Thomas Lauderdale and singer China Forbes, Pink Martini has its roots in classical music, jazz, Cuban music and musicals from Hollywood’s golden age. The result is a lively and inspired jazz-pop, with a party spirit and full of sunshine, gathering melodies and rhythms from all four corners of the earth to create something modern. Like a musical travel journal… If you have not yet seen them on stage: don’t go to work, come and see them!

Pink Martini à Jazz à Juan le 12 juillet

Golden Zone seats : €80
Category 1 : €65
Category 2 : €45
Category 3 : €32 / €16*

* The "youth" rate (not available online) is for under 18, students and holders of the LOL1625 card (proof must be shown), within the limit of seats available within the 3rd seating category.

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