Friday 11th August
Jammin Summer Petite Pinède
Free concert


Sanne Sanne à Jammin'Summer le 11 août 2023

Vocal folk jazz inspired by M. C. Escher – Dutch band
Sanne Huijbregts, voice & xylosynth, kalimba/ Roosmarijn Tuenter, voice & viol/ Pat Cleaver – voice & bass/ Jeroen Batterink – voice & drums

Immerse yourself in the escher-esque vocal folk-jazz of Sanne Sanne. Dutch jazz has gained another colorful character; singer Sanne Huijbregts writes wholesome music wrapped in sparkling textures, rich vocal harmonies and seductive grooves. With her quartet Sanne Sanne, Huijbregts connects the sensual sound of indie-folk with the fresh twists and turns of contemporary jazz.

In September 2023, Sanne Sanne will present their debut-album Mountain Child with a release-tour throughout the Netherlands. The album will be released under the label ZenneZ Records.(See album-text on the next page.)

Sanne Sanne à Jammin'Summer le 11 août 2023

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