Friday 14th July
Jammin Summer Petite Pinède
Free concert

Chi quartet

Chi Quartet à Jammin'Summer session

Modern and classical jazz
Tin-Chi Siu, composition – piano/ Ildo Nandja, bass/ Loek van den Berg, saxophone/ Martin Hafizi, drums

CHI Quartet touches your soul with tenderness through dreamy classical melodies and modern jazz grooves: free and pure as a child. CHI Quartet is an international band based in Rotterdam, the musicians are from Macau, South Africa, the Netherlands and Bulgaria. Given the multicultural context, the musical styles of the CHI Quartet range from classical to jazz with an appeal for Scandinavian jazz.
His own compositions summarise his various musical influences: melting classical melodies coloured by complex jazz harmonies, Indian and European folk rhythmic elements intertwine with jazz improvisations.

Chi Quartet à Jammin'Summer session

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